Have a good time!

Several music events are organized in Uniejów. The local Old Time Dance Group „Dworzanie”, dances on local historic events. You can hear Indian music, played during the two Indian events. And if you prefer classical music, than you should visit the summer organ concerts in the beautiful Gothic Collegiate Church. Enjoy modern music at such events as the Midsummer Night Feast, the Days of Uniejów, the Polish Days of Water Festival or at the event “A Farewell to the Summer Holidays”.


April: Spring POW WOW – North American Indians’ Music and Dance Festival

May: Days of Uniejów

June: Midsummer Night

June: Polish Days of Water Festival

July: Communal  Fireman Brass Bands Festival

July-August: Organ Concerts

August: Indian Summer – Sat-Okh Avenue Festival

August: “Farewell to the Summer Holidays” Festival