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The commune of Uniejów realised a lot of investments in the years 2004-2015 . The greatest amount of money, has been earmarked for the development of tourism and recreation.

Investments in tourism

The major projects include: development of the thermal pools complex, construction of the Artists’ Retreat, Mill Farmstead, Knight’s Fortress and the complex of heated football pitches, as well as restoration works in the Castle of the Archbishops of Gniezno and the castle park.

Geothermal energy

The commune of Uniejów has also  invested in renewable energy sources, including the construction of a heat pipeline and the thermal water transmission network, and modernisation of the town’s heating system.

Investments in infrastructure

Equal amount of money has been channeled to the infrastructure projects in tourism and recreation as well as technical infrastructure serving all citizens of our commune. We realise that the economy will not develop without a good road network, and, therefore, big money was allocated for the construction and modernisation of roads and streets. Thanks to this investment, you can reach Uniejów faster and safer.

Location and contact information

Municipality of Uniejów 13 Błogosławionego Bogumiła Street 99-210 Uniejów Room No. 10 (ground floor) Phone: +48 63 28 89 767,  +48 63 28 89 769 e-mail: