Horse riding, cycling, kayaking

A paradise for active people

Uniejów is beautifully located in the Warta River Valley. Explore the local forests, meadows, water reservoirs, small ponds, wetlands and peat lands, on these routes that have been marked out:

  • Horse riding trail Henryk Dobrzański „Hubal”
  • The Warta River canoeing route
  • Bike trail through the Uniejów Land
  • Warta River Bike Trail
  • Hot Springs Bike Trail
  • Faustina Kowalska hiking and bike trail

Horse riding trail Henryk Dobrzański „Hubal”

Ride the longest marked horse riding trail in Europe, with 25 km through the Uniejów Land. Most of the trail runs through areas which are valuable in terms of nature and history. Horse riding in Uniejów is facilitated by the animal-oriented infrastructure on the site of the Mill Farmstead (stalls, stableman services). Here one can hire a horse team and take a ride in the historic castle park.


Are you looking for a thrill? Paintball in Uniejów will give you a a large dose of adrenaline.

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