Business in Uniejów

Doing business in Poland, think about investing in Uniejów, the first thermal spa in Poland. A favourable location, hard-working inhabitants and consistent investment policy implemented by the commune’s government form stable conditions for economic development. This is appreciated by entrepreneurs who are willing to operate in Uniejów; currently, there are nearly 430 local enterprises here, which is 84% more than in 2004. The companies that have invested in Uniejów include K-FLEX POLSKA sp. z o.o., the Polish branch of the international group L-ISOLANTE K-FLEX, which is a manufacturer of rubber insulation products. Over the last four years, 30 new facilities offering accommodation have been established. This is the result of numerous investments using the geothermal energy resources. Take interest in our vision of development and invest in Uniejów.

Our strengths

Five reasons to invest in Uniejów:
• One of the communes demonstrating the most dynamic development in Poland • Direct road connections with Warsaw, Łódź, Poznań and Berlin (A2 motorway) and Gdańsk (A1 motorway) • An attractive place for investments • An atmosphere favouring entrepreneurship development • Well-developed hotel infrastructure, and catering and conference facilities.

Leisure time

Relax in an idyllic nature scenery
Uniejów is not only the place for good business facilities but also for relaxation after a day or week of hard work. Spend your evening, weekends and holidays in the middle of nature and history. Choose your favourite sport and eat in the best restaurants. Find your own place for relax in Uniejów.