Miller’s Farmstead

The Miller’s Farmstead is a small, but exciting and adventurous open-air museum where you can feel and taste history. Five authentic historical buildings from the Łódź Voivodeship: a manor house from Nagórki, two windmills – post mills – from Chorzepin and Zbylczyce, a livestock building from Uniejów and a peasant cottage from Skotniki were brought here.

Visit the Miller’s Farmstead

You can visit the milling industry museum and take part in the process of flour production. Enjoy home-baked bread and other traditional dishes in the farmstead tavern. When you like it here, you can even stay for the night in one of the mills or in the hotel.

Location and contact information

Miller’s farmstead

1 apb. Jakuba Świnki Street
99-210 Uniejów

Phone: + 48 506 090 199