Manor house

late-classicist building

Over the entrance to the building of the Municipal Cultural Centre in Uniejów there is an inscription: “1845 – the date of the building’s construction”. However, this late-classicist manor house was not built with an educational function in mind. In the beginning, it was used as a private apartment of the administrator of the property of Aleksander Toll, the tsarist owner of the castle and nearby land.

Uniejów’s cultural centre

The ornamented facades of the manor house which are formed by flat decorations of the corners can be admired to the present day. However, the original layout of the rooms has survived only partially. The building’s interior is bustling with the town’s cultural life – this where rehearsals of music bands are held, and where various workshops for children and young people are organised.

Location and contact information

21 Targowa Street
99 – 210 Uniejów
Phone: + 48 63 288 81 64