Active leisure

Explore the beautiful nature

Uniejów is beautifully located in the Warta River Valley and is excellent prepared for active leisure. Explore the local forests, meadows, water reservoirs, small ponds, wetlands and peat lands.

Nature trail “Zieleń”

The nature complex “Zieleń” is located in the proglacial valley of the Warta river and covers almost 80 ha of forests, meadows and old river beds. It lies in the Uniejów Area of Protected Landscape and is part of the Natura 2000 area “The Middle Warta Valley”. An unquestionable attraction is its location – in the direct vicinity of the health resort zone of Uniejów. Patients, tourists as well as inhabitants can easily reach it and go for a walk.
The didactic path was modernised in 2018. It leads through the most interesting places of the complex. Its length is 2.7 km and the walking time is 1.5 to 2 hours.
The course of the path is marked. There are life-size animal models set up at six points. These are – elk, roe deer, deer, wild boar, beavers hare. This allows visitors to appreciate the size differences of animals living in our forests, from hare to moose. A QR code is placed on each animal, which redirects to a website with basic information about the species presented and an additional topic discussed.
A shelter with a fire pit was built along the route. The construction was a joint investment – of the Forestry Commission, which allocated the wood, and of the “Gęgawa” Hunting Circle in Uniejów.

Other trails

  • The Warta River canoeing route:
    • Jeziorsko Reservoir 23 km – 4 hours, Koło 35 km – 6 hours, Poznań 222 km – 6 days
  • Henryk Dobrzański “Hubal” horse riding trail through the Łódź Voivodeship (the longest horse riding trail in Europe):
    • 2000 km, including 25 km through the Uniejów Land
  • A bike trail through the Uniejów Land (26 km):
    • 6 km – Wilamów, 5.5 km – Wielenin
  • The Warta River Bike Trail (260 km):
    • 260 km – Poznań, 40 km – Koło, 23 km – Jeziorsko Reservoir, 8.8 km – Józefów, 2.4 km – Spycimierz, 8 km – Osina
  • The Hot Springs Bike Trail (200 km):
    • 12 km – Stęplew, 29 km – Pęczniew, 58 km – Zygry, 63.5 km – Aleksandrów, 74 km – Łódź,
  • Faustina Kowalska hiking and bike trail (30 km):
    • 5 km – Wielenin, 12 km – Świnice Warckie
  • Educational and tourist path in the castle park in Uniejów

Horseback riding in Uniejów is facilitated by the animal-oriented infrastructure in the Knight’s Castle and on the site of the Mill Farmstead (stalls, stableman services). Here one can hire a horse team and take a ride in the historic park.