Water that heals

Here you will be born again

The chloride-sodium mineral water contains sodium, potassium, magnesium, fluorine, sulphur and bromine compounds. It can even compete with Baltic Sea waters when it comes to iodine content! Because of its properties, the water is used in rehabilitation, and in preventive medicine and treatment of the circulatory, respiratory, nervous, and musculo-skeletal and digestive system disorders, as well as muscle and skin diseases. Taking a bath in hot brine brings relief in the case of injuries and rheumatic disorders, and it relieves stress and tiredness. Stop over by the brine graduation towers and fountains, situated in different parts of the town, to breathe in air full of healing mineral components coming from the thermal water.

Health treatments and biological regeneration

The modern thermal pools complex “Uniejów Thermal Park” offers everything you need to feel healthier and stronger. In the sauna and SPA (Wellness&SPA) zone, you will find various forms of biological regeneration and relaxation. The sanarium (i.e. a bio-sauna) encourages taking baths in hot air at a temperature of 40-60°C and a higher humidity, sometimes with the aroma of herbal extracts added. In the special UV room, visitors can take advantage of the medicinal properties of ultraviolet light. Because of a thermal shock, especially after leaving the sauna, a visit to the snow room, where the temperature is between -5 and -13oC, causes numerous beneficial reactions in human organism, e.g. it reduces the muscle tension, improves immunity and speeds up your metabolism.

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Location and contact information

Uniejów Thermal Park
3/5 Zamkowa Street
99-210 Uniejów
Phone: +48 506 090 419
Email: informacja@termyuniejow.pl

Opening hours:

Pools: 10.00-22.00
Restaurant: 11.00-22.00


Monday – Friday 16.00-22.00
Saturday – Sunday
holidays 10.00-22.00