Modernity and tradition

An open place

The strength of Uniejów is contrast. Its centuries-old history matches modern times in a creative dialogue. Geothermal water is our treasure.

A town full of history and modern objects

Here you can relax in modern pools, with a view of the medieval castle, surrounded by an English garden set up at the end of the 19th century. Thanks to the design of the pools which are filled with warm geothermal water, everybody will find something interesting. There are lot of interesting modern hotels and spa and wellness facilities. In Uniejów you will feel like reborn.

Geothermal energy

The natural richness of Uniejów is geothermal water. Thanks to the town’s modern heat supply network, a lot of buildings are heated with geothermal energy, for example the castle chambers of the castle hotel, houses, apartments and Uniejów Thermal Spa. About 70% of the households in Uniejów are supplied by this modern ecological geothermal heating system. If you come to Uniejów in winter, you will be surprised that the local football complex turf is green. The fields are also heated with geothermal energy. This is unique in Poland!

The first thermal spa with geothermal water

Uniejów received the status of spa town in 2012. Tourist and recreational functions have been developed. It is the youngest Polish health resort and the only one with geothermal water. You will feel healthy and vital in Uniejów. The modern thermal complex, the modern hotel accommodation, restaurants and conference rooms will surprise you.

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