Geothermal attractions

For body and soul

The thermal water from Uniejów is blessing for the body and vital energy for the mind. This precious treasure is hidden 2 km underground. Thanks to the water and its properties, the city of Uniejów is experiencing an upswing.

Healing properties

The seemingly ordinary subterranean water that accumulates in rock strata beneath the earth’s surface is characterized by exceptional properties – temperature, mineralization, and chemical composition. The thermal and chemical properties of water allow its use in the health prophylaxis and treatment of diseases of the following systems: movement, muscular, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, digestive, skin diseases. It is suitable for both adults and children. In Uniejów there are many places where you can experience the healing properties of water on your own skin.

Geothermal flats – your private SPA

Water is mainly used for heating purposes (heating of apartments and public buildings and treatment of hot tap water). But in Uniejów you have the possibility of bathing in thermal water in your own bathroom. This is unique in Poland. Three thermal blocks have already been built in Uniejów and two more are under construction. Together, 150 apartments will be built. Next, a whole thermal settlement is planned.

Graduation tower and thermal fountains

Fountains, graduation towers and mineral tap water points can be found in different places in the city. Near the graduation towers and fountains you can breathe in the air which is rich in minerals. At the tap water points you can take water for drinking cures. You can smell, taste and feel the warmth of the thermal water and see the colourful effects of mineral deposits.

Włodzimierz Smolarek sports fields

Uniejów is the only place in Poland where the turf of the football pitch is heated with geothermal water. The water is also used to warm up paths in the castle park.

Heated football pitches Uniejów

Heated football pitches

Castle of the Archbishops of Gniezno

Also the Castle of the Archbishops of Gniezno is heated with geothermal water. You will be surprised how warm it is in every room. Geothermal water is also used for consumption purposes (drinking cures and food preparation). In the restaurant “Herbowa na Zamku” you can cost among others sour (rye) soup with white sausage – żurek z białą kiełbasą – which is prepared with thermal water.

Geothermia Uniejów

“Geotermia Uniejów” is the first geothermal cogeneration plant in Poland that uses renewable energy sources. The geothermal heating plant supplies around 70% of the inhabitants of Uniejów with heat. The benefits of Uniejów geothermal water can be experienced with balneotherapy or hydrotherapy. These include hydro massage baths, thigh and lower leg baths, underwater massage, aerosol therapy (inhalations), or a drinking cure. The offer of “Geotermia Uniejów” includes pearl baths and inhalations based on geothermal water as well as a detoxification treatment.

Uniejów Thermal Park “Termy Uniejów”

Thanks to geothermal heated pools, you can use the outdoor facilities throughout the year. There are slides, an artificial “wild riverbed”, hydro massage, Jacuzzi and special hydro massage zones. In the Jacuzzi you can relax and rest, and if you need adrenaline boost, we invite you to the “wild river”.

Thermal water boreholes

In Uniejów there are two boreholes located about 1 kilometer from each other:

PIG / AGH-1 – is located north of Uniejów in the Kościelnica district. It was drilled in 1991 and its depth reaches 2065 m.
PIG / AGH-2 – is located north of the city, on a terrain belonging to Geotermia Uniejów. It is a production well from which water is extracted. It was made in 1990 and its depth is 2031 m.

In 2008 Zakład Tworzyw Uzdrowiskowych, based in Poznań, issued a certificate on the healing properties of water from the PIG / AGH-2 well.

rury aluminiowe z aworem

Plans for the future

Uniejów can be regarded as a model city for the application of geothermal heating systems, the development of health tourism, recreational offers and spa treatments based on the use of geothermal water. The city is constantly developing in terms of infrastructure and tourist offer. In the future, you will be able to visit the new graduation tower for inhalation therapy, the extension of the thermal and swimming pool complex, or you can ski in the new iodine hall.

Thermal water – a valuable natural product

The possibilities of using thermal water in alternative treatment methods, cosmetology, drinking water and water use for vegetable processing will be further investigated by specialists from the universities in the Lodz region. The thermal water is already used for many purposes. In the future, this valuable natural product will be used more and more.

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The Castle of the Archbishops of Gniezno is heated with geothermal water

Heated football pitches

Fountains, springs, graduation tower

Geothermal housing district

Canon – mineral water spring

Borehole PIG/AGH-2

Graduation tower

Uniejów apartments