Have a good time!

Several music events are organized in Uniejów. The local Old Time Dance Group „Dworzanie”, dances on local historic events. You can hear Indian music, played during the two Indian events. Enjoy modern music at such events as the Midsummer Night Feast and Earth Festival.

Earth Festival

Since 2018 we have been meeting in Uniejów during Earth Festival, combining entertainment and fun with the need for commitment to stop, or preferably reverse, further deterioration of the Earth’s biosphere and the human condition. The festival is a time for mutual inspiration, sharing positive energy and the conviction that every, even the smallest of our daily decisions matters. As part of the event, we invite you to the Earth Festival Eco-City, full of attractions for both adults and children. After sunset there is an open-air cinema, followed by a wonderful concert – Stars for Clean Poland!

April: Spring POW WOW – North American Indians’ Music and Dance Festival

June: Midsummer Night

July: Communal  Firebrigade Brass Bands Festival

August: Earth Festival

Indian Family Festival

August: “Farewell to the Summer Holidays” Festival